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How much does it cost?

Family membership is only $160.00 for a complete year. Individual membership is only $65.00 for the year.

How do I register our family?

Family Registrations are available online, follow the links on here under Community > Register for 2023/24 season

What are the extra trainings and when?

  • Board training - Pukehina Surf club Monday’s 5.30pm 

  • Swimming lessons - TBC

What time are the morning junior surf sessions?

  • Daily briefing is at 09:45am sharp, we aim to all hit the beach at 10:00am
  • Junior surf sessions run from 10:00am till 11:30/12noon

Can you visit and try it out first?

Your child is most welcome to come and try first session for free.

Do we have to come every week?

It is advisable that your child attends as many of our 16 sessions as they can to give themselves more exposure to the surf in a safe environment and gain as much confidence and education around the water.

Do you need to be able to swim to start junior surf?

Depending on the child's Junior Surf group, it may not be necessary for your child to swim proficiently. During our season we run pool swimming sessions at Pongakawa School pool and we advise that all attend these. We are not a swim club and would advise that your children be enrolled in professional swim lessons as well as our weekly club swim evenings.

What are the ages that Junior Surf caters for?

Junior Surf at Pukehina Surf Rescue starts from around the age of 5, right up to 14.

Do I need to have my own board?

No, you don't need to have your own board. Pukehina Surf Rescue will provide boards for each specific group and will give instruction on how to use and care for the board.

Can we use the boards and gear on non junior surf days if we are members?

Members are permitted to use the boards whilst volunteer or paid lifeguards are on duty. They are required to wear the high visibility vests and adhere to the Gear Use policy. 

Do the parents need to stay while Junior Surf is on?

Yes. parents need to stay while Junior Surf is on.

Do the parents have an opportunity to help out at junior surf?

Parents are actively encouraged to help out at Junior Surf. There are many things Parents can help with, ranging from helping with activities in your child's group, right through to being part of the Junior Surf Committee.

Does junior surf involve competitions?

As well as education and fun, Junior Surf has a sporting side. We run a series of club champs throughout our season. Surf Lifesaving New Zealand run local Junior Surf Carnivals throughout the Bay of Plenty and wider areas that provide a great opportunity for kids to meet other kids from different clubs and have some sporting fun with them.

How would we find out if Junior Surf had to be cancelled?

Check out our Pukehina SR Junior Surf Facebook page, for latest updates, cancellations and info on upcoming events.

Do you have to wear a uniform for Junior Surf?

Yes, your child will need the following:

  • Pukehina Junior Surf club rashie 
  • Appropriate age group coloured club beanie 
  • Pukehina Junior Surf club togs 

Prices on uniforms change slightly from year to year and depending on how much of the uniform your child already has it is advised that you contact the clothing person for an estimate on what you need. Prices will be displayed on Junior Surf days at the clothing tent. clothing@pukehinasurfrescue.co.nz   

If your child feels the cold, they are able to wear a wetsuit under the rashie for water events

What do children learn? Is it fun or all about competing?

It depends what you want out of it - yes there are awesome competitions that you are well supported to be a part of - but the Sunday’s are learning about the ocean, identifying safe areas to swim, being part of a team and learning new skills in the water - be it diving under the waves for the younger ones, boogie boarding to getting out in the surf or estuary on the knee boards.

Is Junior Surf always at Pukehina Beach?

Sunday’s are predominately at Pukehina Beach -  apart from inter club competition days. We do have some awesome days at other local clubs, such as Opotiki or Whakatane, and even a couple at the beautiful lake Rotoiti. 

For more information and to register your kids for Junior Surf 2021/22 season

contact Kim O'Leary (0274 66 41 65)


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