Welcome to the 2019 – 20 season

Welcome to the 2019 – 20 season

The season is just around the corner and skill development is happening most weekends, make sure you are checking facebook groups and messenger groups. If you are not part of these then ask to join up.

Family (F) – $130
Individual (AI) or (S)- $50
For all active members these fees cover- Coaching, use of club equipment, various subsidised courses and social activities.
For inactive members ie Social members, these fees cover – Invites to club activities, newsletters and invites to social activities.

Online payments to:
Pukehina Surf Rescue
Westpac Te Puke
03 0474 0451938 00
Use Family name and either F or AI or S as your reference.


Upcoming events.

**New Lifeguards Training Camp – Oct 5th 6th. Overnight camp for all trainees wanting to sit their Lifeguard award. Names to Josh or Boyd.
*CLUB FIREWOOD FUNDRAISER Sunday 6th Oct 885 Maniatutu road 10am start. See Boyd for details. Need many hands to shift and start splitting firewood.

**First Aid Level Two 1 day course – Oct 12th at the club. Must have Lv 1 and be 15yrs as prerequisites.  $20/ person (subsidised down from $95 thanks to COGS funding).
*Junior Surf Introduction to Coaching + Advanced Board Coach course at Pukehina – Nov 30th. We have 19 interested JS coaches wanting to attend with our Junior surf crew doing the organisation. If you are interested for either course then see Kim or Skip
**Second Lifeguard exam November – Do you have any friends who want to join up this season, start bringing them out on Sundays and we can get them sorted with workbooks etc. Are there any Patrol Supports who want to upgrade to a full lifeguard, then set your targets and get into the pool.

***BOP Dragonboating 10up Regatta – Looking for people to paddle dragonboats on October 19th.
Training day & H + S briefing Sat 5th October at Sulphur Point boat ramp 11.15am.
This awesome family day out is held at The Lakes in Tauriko and we have done very well at this fun event. Names to Boyd and cost is $30/ paddler and if you’re at school $15

**Mount Monster – December 14th. This iconic event is for individuals or teams ranging from u14s to Masters. 5km sand run, 1.5km swim (including a jump off the Blowhole), 12km ski and 6km board. Start your training today and get that entry in. See slsnz calendar for details.


Good turn out of coaches and crew to discuss all things Junior Surf on Sunday. Good suggestions and great to see keen parents wanting to get amongst it. Remember to see our PUKEHINA SR JUNIOR SURF facebook group for all information. Been a good amount of junior surf parents and athletes enjoying the Sunday sessions and canoe. Keep it up team.
The mums are lovin the canoe & showing great form.

Keane carving it.


Well done to Zoe, Joseph, Sam, Jasmine, Duncan, Megan, Kane, Simon, Rob and Steve in passing the First Aid Level One. Awesome to see such an age range getting upskilled.
Megan and Zoe being realistic patients      Simon taking charge

Duncan cut himself shaving
Level Two on Saturday 12th Oct – Names to Josh
Event Lifeguarding – Great to see Reece, Jasmine, Emma, Kelvin,Tahlia come out and supervise the Toi Ohomai students (who have been cutting up our firewood) for a day at the beach.
And Emma Russell recently helping out with the Cambridge to Hamilton long distance racing 23km paddle.
To our current pool of guards, where are your mates. The next surf lifeguard award exam is in early November so bring them along to Sunday trainings and we will get them started. If you have any newbies then get names and contacts to Josh.

As you may know the Veale girls are in China atm and want to share lifeguard trainee, Hanna, recent exploits in controlling a motorbike accident scene. Great effort for someone so young.
“Travelling home at 9pm she came across a two scooter accident. It was a messy scene with people racing to help the injured people, one a woman crying and wailing and the other a man not moving. Hannas taxi driver jumped out with her to tend to the man who had an open wound with a bone sticking out of his ankle joint. Her taxi driver flipped out and starting abusing the woman which is the done thing over there. Haana did the primary survey on the man, her teacher as it turned out, and realised he was going into shock such was the nature of the injury and chaotic accident scene. She commanded bystanders to ring an international ambulance, (local medics tend to be very hit and miss with their responses) whilst supporting his leg and translating everything to him as he spoke no Madirian. This helped in keeping him calm. The ambulance turned up and once again Haana took charge when the ambos wanted to move the patient without immobilising his leg. This involved shouting and yelling at them, as that is once again how they roll over there, until they finally agreed to do the right thing for the patient. Once the patient was secured she assisted with translation and directing others around to help tidy up the scene.
Throughout the whole hour and 20 minutes at the accident scene, Haana kept those around her calm, directed adults including medical professionals), and ensured the best possible outcome for the injured man” (paraphrased from mum Jo report)

Well done Haana, awesome response for a 14yr old and its great to see you’ve learnt from your time at the club. We look forward to your return at Christmas 

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